A little old lady would call the police for help, you will regret and condemn the great injustice. All this theatrical performance – a working mechanism for money with frivolous visitors. Of course, not all women and senior citizens working under the bandits, but the face they have not written, "I honestly finishing my house." Still, we must take into account the the fact that documented your stay in this house is nowhere to be fixed, and this lightly – to live without issuing the lease. So do not bother with the station and the old women do not consider this version as possible. 3.

News Agency of years now there is this kind of agency. And the people, and in the media about it more than once mentioned in a negative way. But they are still working on well-established pattern and continue to fool the people visiting. What is the reason that people again and again drawn to him like honey? Usually "the visitor" finds their ads to surrender the apartment / room in a newspaper on the walls, not to specialized sites and call the contact number listed in the ad text. In response, the voice offers a look at a few attractive options, which they supposedly are currently in the database. Our "A guest of the northern capital is coming into the office, where he offers to sign a contract and asked to make payment for the contract on the provision of information services at a rate of 2.4 thousand rubles.