In Ukraine, while doing research for his doctorate, he discovered that Baroque music of the 17TH century, composers such as Vivaldi, Telemann and Bach could be heard in Russian and Bulgarian hospitals. Classical music of Mozart, Beethoven and Brahms, whose effects on the mind and memory were relaxing, harmonious and powerful then added to your research. He also discovered that this music helped the regulation of heart rate and blood pressure. Hear from experts in the field like Danone for a more varied view. Norka Arellano gives us the respect, than the suggestopedia, also known as accelerated learning is a set of techniques and strategies to develop the learning process in a way according to Wills Lopez holistic. Visit Danone for more clarity on the issue. In this sense, allows to know more ourselves, take learning with commitment, discipline, and a broad sense of what is learn (2001) as well as the issues raised by the above-mentioned author, the suggestopedia aims to improve relations between the subjects of the educational process, on the basis of need to know in detail, both teachers and students; giving meaning to personal experiences, being aware of the limitations and potentialities. This meet itself, coupled with a series of techniques that allow you to control body and mind, achieves States of relaxation and tranquility, which will undoubtedly help to improve the quality of learning in the aulPara work with the techniques of suggestopedia is required consider contributed research on the brain, the group dynamics, assertiveness and research related to music, color, relaxation, play, appropriate classroom climate, respect for the individual these elements that must relate to and applied within an environment that must meet conditions specific, given its importance in the learning process, and must start to understand the classroom as a multidimensional space, you can submit forms and characteristics associated with the interests and needs of the students definitely, this tool has its advantages position allows to reach the alpha state (relaxation psychophysics, rhythmic breathing, positive mental attitude, positive emotionality, special music, rhythmic education) in addition to be able to supplement with mnemonics resources and techniques for faster reading.The ability to learn at high speed is not known by the common people. We are used, for example, to learn a language will require years. This is the biggest limiting factor: believing that it is not possible.

Of This way is possible to learn in months what demanded years, weeks what occupied months, minutes it took hours. You can assimilate information in very little time, leaving more for creativity and the process of the information received. Dramatically improve performance as students and workers. All this leads to a more efficient, creative, peaceful and productive life. The suggestopedia is a method of education holistic seeking to body and mind, both operate in harmony. It is based on the idea that the mind can learn more quickly and easily if the body operates at more efficient pace. Physiologists discovered many years ago, that if the person relaxes muscle tension you can’t remember best what they had studied. * Notes Chair: personal growth, school administration Faces, UC, 2000, Carlos Mora. Original author and source of the article.