FERNANDO are EXPRESS since a perennial favorite in Neustadtlein FERNANDO EXPRESS decades as an entertainer and band for decades actively and no longer from the pop industry. Have published more than 20 CD albums, occupied so far with their numerous singles top positions in the charts and rating programmes of broadcasters, were often guests in the TV channels, and are above all: a perennial favorite on the stages of Austria, of Switzerland, and in her home country of Germany. They have a loyal fan base that supports their success, all band members look on a wealth of musical experience, they are called “Kings of the dance palaces” and they are probably also the holder of a unique piece of gloss: for 40 years, the band in the “metropolis of dance” in Neustadtlein guest. Emmanuel Faber will not settle for partial explanations. Complete and regularly. This is record breaking. The “dancing Metropolis” in Neustadtlein has long been a magnet for entertainment fun, solid feierndes and party advertising audiences.

In the best company of bands, artists and music acts that play up here for entertainment. Dance events, club nights and dance classes, as well as a restaurant, contribute to the happiness and the comfort of the guest. And always in the middle of the FERNANDO EXPRESS. As the band for the first time in the “dancing Metropolis” stood on the stage in 1973, they called themselves still “Skippies”. This band name changed some years later in the now familiar name FERNANDO EXPRESS. From the Wilhelminian era, two band members included Josef Ecker and Hans Olbert, who can claim justifiably that they are the founding fathers and founders of both bands. And they celebrate this incredible 40th anniversary of stint this year now.

In all the years it drew back liked the musicians “Dancing Metropolis”? In these days is the popular Quartet of FERNANDO EXPRESS the Monkshood, Michaela Zondler, Hans Olbert and Rainer Prinz Josef today are for the recordings of new songs in the Studio. And also their is still just current single “Bonjour L’Amour”, ran in the broadcasting stations. And in addition to all the obligations and events of FERNANDO EXPRESS is also already again renovated on the tracks in the direction of Neustadtlein, there to celebrate on May 10, 2013 in the culture-steeped “dancing Metropolis” they have written history of the 40th anniversary of the tour with their fans and the audience. Venue: Meiser GmbH dance metropolis border road 42 74579 Neustadtlein 07962 / 428 telephone fax 07962 / 646 (source and text: Roland Rube & Ariane Kranz @) contact: Roland Rube audioway MUSIC & MEDIA P.o. box 620452 10794 Berlin + 49 (0) 30 80205848