Choosing a dog in the first place is worth thinking about whether it is necessary at all? Are you willing to sacrifice their time for her education? It is worth pondering the fact that this animal does not understand human language. If you say puppy: 'do not eat my shoes', he does not understand. That is, you have to remember that some things have to sacrifice too. You may wish to learn more. If so, Andi Potamkin, New York City is the place to go. Do not forget that the dog will have to walk, regardless of your mood and the weather outside. Therefore you always need to be home in time for walking. The puppy does not know from birth, where you need to do their little business, it will need to teach. So be prepared for a bunch of odorous and puddle on the laminate / linoleum / dance floor (carpets and Oriental Carpets is better to remove at once) that you have to clean up.

In addition, buying a puppy – a tiny fraction of the money you spend on keeping dogs in the future. If you still want a dog, go to the second paragraph. The second question to ask yourself: Why do you need a dog? If you are looking for a partner that can become your trusted friend, the choice is vast. Here is to build on their lifestyle and temperament. If you're sporty and you need a partner who will commit to you jog in the morning and go hiking, you should pay attention to mobile, temperamental breed.

Conversely, people with sedentary lifestyles, temperamental and mobile dog will be a big problem. For a specific purpose, such as hunting or guarding, taking the puppy, usually in the nursery, choosing a breed with pronounced necessary for quality work (by working producers). Would be better if these producers you look in person. Do not think that such a pup with mother's milk has absorbed all the necessary skills. His will still need to educate and train. If you take the dog for further breeding, then you have already decided on the breed and perhaps even a nursery. Be sure to check parents live, even if you have extra time to go through the floor of the country. The puppy also needs to go very, very big and common mistake to take the animal on the photo. At best you can get the wrong color, which was in the photo. Also to be ready always to maintain a dog in shape, as well as predvystavochnym preparation and training, and, of course, to own exhibitions. And finally some general advice: Never tell anyone take a puppy as a gift, even if you know exactly what your dog wants a man. Shelters and so overcrowded. If you are a beginner, do not start a serious, complicated in the upbringing of the dog, practice on some docile breed. But if all the soul is to the 'difficult' breed dressploschadka should be your second home, and Instructor canine – best friend. Please note that if you have to pull in a couple of days, someone will have to walk with your dog, and that someone would cope with it (do not leave Alabai its elderly mother / grandmother). If the home with small children, it also must be considered. Even before buying a puppy, do allergoproby, identify whether the child has allergies to dog hair. One last thing: even the smallest decorative dog, in the absence of Education may privratitsya in a capricious monster biting, which will build all of your household.