The efficiencies of the line of refilo and its volume of production of this the creation of the Cepalgo company flexible Packings until had not today taken a ratio of analyzes, that it worries if and/or it places if its capacity in doubts. With the implantation of a new line of production (Line of impression diapers) ‘ was raised to the following hypothesis; ‘ The line of refilo today takes care of will be able to take care of to all this demanda’ ‘. In such a way it was necessary to carry through a study in the line of refilo, lined up speed, weight, time, availability, idleness, capacity and efficiency. For the accomplishment of this study they had been made you analyze of the current situation of the Line and future projections for approach of the capacities of the line. Measurements also chronometered had been basic for the approach of the capacities. The first stage of analyzes if it summarized the elaboration of a control system that pods if to offer information of the current situation of the productive processes of the line. Thu