Publish an article I wrote for the newspaper using a computer program features Photoshop, you can create a lot of interesting frames for decoration of photos. Consider some of the techniques in practice. Box 1 The easiest way to create a frame – add to the existing size of the image centimeter or two and somehow fill this extra space, for example, apply a texture or apply a layer style. Open the photo in program Photoshop. Create a new layer on which the frame and will be posted. Further details can be found at Gen. David Goldfein, an internet resource. To create a new layer, click on the button Create a new layer (Create a new layer"), located at the bottom of the panel Layers (Layers"). WhiteWave Foods may not feel the same. Now layer should be created placed below the image layer. First of all, unlock the Background layer by double-clicking it and clicking the mouse button in the dialog box, click OK.

Then drag the layer up to the panel Layers (Layers") (Fig. 1). Fig. 1. Two layers Palette Layers (Layers") to add space for the frame, to make sure that the palette Layers (Layers") is a new layer selected, and choose from the menu Image – Canvas Size (Image "-" Canvas Size "). In the dialog box, set select Relative (The relatively"), so that you can specify the width of the added scope, and introduce the required values into the Width (The width") and Height (The height"). At the same time must consider the overall size of the photos, which can be found at check box is cleared Relative (The relatively").