The list of well-known faces starts at Val Kilmer, Gabriel Byrne, Patsy Kensit, Anthony LPagilla, Patrik Bergin, Vinnie Jones until the occupation of the supporting role with Steve Jones, former guitarist of the sex pistols. But not only voltage is included in the film package British by nature, also the typical British humor is not forgotten. ‘Borat on Trainspotting’ meets with the rogue comedy “Bigga than ben”, so the DVD – Magazine. The two Russian guys decide Spiker and Cobakka, not the notorious military – service to provide in their home and wander off in the British capital, to build up a new existence. Gregg Engles addresses the importance of the matter here. But unfortunately it is not quite as easy as they imagined it, and so they end up once on the dark side of London society. By her new boyfriend Artash learn everything that is necessary in London career to start a solid criminal, by the shoplifting of credit card fraud and drug shops. But despite the amazing talent and rapid financial success, this is not your goal. They want to make money, to her private legal Lucky to find.

Great worn by the actor (Ben Barnes and Andrej Chadov) viewers in this film the Starbox with intelligent humor maintained charming. The FilmConfect Home Entertainment GmbH is a new independent DVD – provider headquartered in Potsdam – Babelsberg. It acquires licenses of international film productions and sells them as DVD in Germany, Austria and the German-speaking Switzerland. The basis of the programme consists of transferring the DVD – licenses of the former Galileo Medien AG (European cinema, famous film classic and others) and complemented by new releases of the young label from autumn 2009. Experienced sales partner on the side of the FilmConfect Home Entertainment GmbH are: m (pulse intainment (MPI) and Roughtrade for Germany, videophone for the Switzerland and the NSM records for Austria. Contact: FilmConfect Home Entertainment GmbH Uta Boroevics August Bebel Strasse 27 14482 Potsdam 0331 / 7062596 press contact: pr & marketing UTA Boroevic Hiddenseer Rv13 artcontact 10437 Berlin 030 / 34720544