Plants surrounding the pond will create the necessary protection from prying eyes. Pond should be created in the state or zone, or in open areas, while plants harmoniously fit into the pond, and he in turn becomes the dominant element of the landscape of the surrounding plants. Pond should be well displayed with different positions of your site, but in this case, the entire water area surface fit into the plot. Modern materials in the capable hands of experts allow you to make water, bottom is covered with foil or clay, and streams with concrete bottom and 'washed' in concrete with pebbles, give the illusion of rocky bottom. Taking the classic combination of materials – stone and water – can be almost any suburban area corresponding to a particular style pond. Jack Fusco usually is spot on.

To place a body of water is best to choose an open plot, well-illuminated by the sun and protected from strong winds. Also, be aware that you can not have the pond under trees because they provide shade that prevents further growth of aquatic plants, and fallen autumn leaves have a negative impact on the phytosanitary condition of the reservoir, and the roots can damage the bottom of your pond. Landscaping for backyard lawn. In many home gardens can be found motley grass and lawns that are pleasing to the eye and provide the best backdrop for flower beds and landscaped buildings of the site. Lawn but also serves as a decorative form of the protective functions such as: the level of support required humidity at the soil surface absorbs sound in the hot reduced soil temperature by 7-9 degrees. When choosing a lawn should consider its purpose and, therefore, choose the appropriate type of lawn. Ready Lawn mixture can be purchased at specialty stores, but when buying mixtures to find out the germination of seeds of data (in%) and meeting the requirements of the appointment.

In order to reduce costs on their own can make any Mixture according to your needs through the purchase of single-species of grasses. In preparation for planting is necessary to clarify the type of soil located in your area. It is not necessary to buy expensive black soil. The most intense on the elements Food is cheaper to cook their own soil by mixing peat moss, sand and ordinary sod-podzolic soil. If you still refuse, for whatever reason of this option, you need to make chemical soil analysis, which includes analysis on soil acidity, phosphorus and potassium, and only after that to conclude the suitability of this type of soil to build up your lawn. Lawn in recent years, more combined with automatic irrigation system, and it is justified, since it is not necessary to save on their own time and their abilities. In the presence of the watering can easily be away for several weeks to program the remote irrigation, thus depriving themselves of care and experiences of its site, is now at its plants. In the power of each man in the street with his hands Playground