Port – Aventura – one of Europe's largest amusement parks, such in tours to Egypt from Ufa there :-). In Disneyland Paris, I was not, but they say that it is more colorful and there's more entertainment and attractions for children and Aventura – it is for adults. We rested on the Costa Brava, the permit taken from Tez Tour, because when we decided to buy it, all the other tour operators have been closed for siesta, and our hotel guide once told me that the hotel is no longer appear, look we do not have … Tour in September 2010 a man was worth 49 euros per person – this way there – back on the bus and a ticket for one day, although we were told that one ticket can get double amplitudes, two days, implied, as to korkodilovuyu farm for tours to Thailand from Ufa. The road is not tedious, the bus was very good, the journey takes about 3 hours. We went out at 8:30.

Park is visible from afar, especially its worst slide. The entrance is through the turnstile. At the entrance is a map Park in different languages, including Russian. The best time to go to this place – it's the middle of September to work for the Spanish daily. Then the queue is much smaller.

There come specially from many countries. The park we are very liked it. We – this is me and my sister. The park is divided thematically into five zones – the first is – Mediterraniann (Mediterranean). Almost immediately after the entrance to this area is visible to the most terrible, in my view, slide, and it is ornate part of the airway, who climbed it passes over the water. During the flight on this hill you filmed and photographed several times, then exit offer to buy videos and photos. Prices for this fun high. Sample 7 euros, and the video for more than 10, can not remember exactly. In addition to rides in the park is also the case presentation. We visited a show of soap bubbles and govryaschih parrots, this is something amazing. Institute of Semiconductors of Ufa – a sea of positive emotions! Be sure to visit the port – Aventura! You will love it!