Several types of temptresses, but certainly those that more like and therefore who succeed most are what we might call natural. They are spontaneous, have a spark that makes them charming. Others Meanwhile seek to imitate them, copying their techniques approach, learning from them to treat women, behave with them. They learn the characteristics of what is known as alpha male. But unfortunately it is not the same thing know what are the alpha features that emit alpha traits. Natural seducers emit alpha features constantly. This attitude is nothing more than the fruit of a mental condition free of doubts, and very useful at the time of be seduced, since it transmits security, which is a key player in getting the girl.

Security implies absence of doubt. That’s why natural seducers are so confident, that they don’t think when it comes to seduce, are simply dedicated to tell the girl knowing that regardless of what they say will conquer. Being natural given a noticeable spark by the women who make them vibrate and get interested in them. If you do something very well, ask yourself if at the time of doing so you are thinking about it. For example, drivers. Surely when you aprendias you were aware of everything, and even more, probably not you would see what was evident, as signals of traffic to which should provide them with care and even pedestrians. There are many things to pay attention.

However, if you are already an experienced driver looking back, you’ll see that you are now much more relaxed driving. You know where there may be a traffic signal and your eyes unconsciously goes beyond searching for it. You’re a natural conductor. With practice, you’ve learned to drive free of thought. You live and act at a level more aware and away from the mind. When going to seduce, you are subject to a host of rules and traffic signs, and scorecard of your car, your mind is very complex. If you’re not experienced trying to learn where are the signs in a way mentally, not conscious. That keeps you trapped in your mind, in doubt. Over time you can you get to master the art, but will cost you and you will have to go through a hard and arduous path of rejections and tests. But meanwhile the time passes. If you remember the film Matrix, there is a phrase of Morfeo which could apply to all this: free your mind. In the film, the purpose of this sentence is nothing more than helping Neo to see reality, free from all doubt. This is what a non-natural seducer should do to become such. It is something simple, and that acting in the right way can begin to bear fruit very soon. All we are human, we are all made of the same stuff. If one can, everyone can. Just free the mind.