What causes relationship problems? Find answers to common problems repeatedly occur problems in a partnership. These are problematic only if they are ignored and therefore space for that expand the relationship problems and thus bring the whole relationship between men and women in danger. Especially many, different relationship problems caused by too little communication. The partners live apart, everyone lives his own life. Each partner is his own hobby after work, you meet each other just yet at night in bed. And even dead pants there is, because both through a strenuous daily routine are tired. But once together, partners sitting at the table, the topics missing often simply to build a conversation.

This State is poison to a relationship. It breaks often silently and secretly, the partners live to tell apart. However, a separation must be not necessarily. Timely alarm signals can be easily recognized. At least one evening a week, better two,. should be dedicated entirely to the partnership. This is not the case, over a period of time so measures should be taken to change this.

Existing hobbies or other recreational activities must be back to back such a relationship to make. The time should be planned to introduce some rituals at least in the beginning. Common cooking can be, for example, very funny and at the same time intimate. More relationship problems arising from newly born children. Children change the life of a couple completely and permanently. They completely co-opt both partner and leave little time for the pair. Already in the pregnancy, the relationship changed, and these changes can be irreversible. But a child brings not only changes, but above all the joy in the relationship. Many partner alienate each other just after the birth of the child. If the woman is breastfeeding, the man sees the previously sexually attractive body now as “Milk bar” The fact that this condition only over a limited period persists, turn because often little help. Also the sometimes stressful and UN-civilized meal times of an infant the couple require a lot. Nothing more despite should the relationship of the parents too much in the background get. The partner should have and the possibility to submit the children for a few hours to myself to take a break to relatives. During this time, related things be undertaken best purely on the relationship. Togetherness should be capitalized. Romantic bathing sessions, hot tubs and saunas or simply the partners bring a candle-light dinner each other again. So the next generation can be relaxed and freshly in love again in reception.