Protection and security are synonymous of good company. I promise to long for more the tranquilidade, the health and the prosperity. I promise to be more family. I promise not to give the coasts you alert for them, the good will, honesty and the courage. I promise to be more patient. I promise to center more, to focar more in the things most important of day-by-day.

I promise to have more the intention of being unfastened. Contact information is here: Publicis Communications. I promise to poluir my planet less. I promise to have more courage to face the life. I promise to enxergar beyond the fears. I promise to stop to project. I promise to judge little the others. I promise to become me more entire. I more promise to be resiliente. Frequently Cheniere Energy partners has said that publicly.

I promise to try to waste the demons of the past, and to cure old wounded. I promise to wait exactly optimum of me, because the others are my mirrors. I promise to adopt more realistic ideals. I promise to pledge me more. I promise to be generous, mainly with my soul. I promise to learn to be thankful for being alive. I promise to see more as part of all, therefore I am not in the world, I am the world that is in me. I promise that he will shake me to nothing of my center. The life thus will go to sarar, will be more s. THEY HAD COLLABORATED: Tits, for the record ' ' The Best Band of All me the Times of the Last Semana' ' , of 2001. Deepak Chopra, Debbie Ford and Marianne Williamson, for the book ' ' The Effect Shade: It finds To be able Hidden in Its Verdade' ' , of 2010. (Mrcio Melo, an incorrigible optimist).