Plan on line 200 r / day, but disburse the entire week once you came out to work independently or not. Line 46-46-46 – When you dial the customer on this issue driver carries on a scale of charges, now we have a city divided into 16 areas – Metallurg, May, Bumash, car, Old Airport, Soc City, East Village, The Cult of the base, the Center, SW-2, line railway station, Tatar bazaar, builder, mechanicians, Raspberry Mountain. Such are the cases. Price from district to area of the standstill of traffic lights, congestion does not depend on, stop by request – 20 euro + 3 rubles each minute of waiting. The Plan was adopted as the 60th line.

Country visits are not on the counter and on the run. I want to note that on lines 60 and 46 now have tariff plans of work – 1400 rubles per week, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. 1100 p / week – 7 days a week, the right to work in either the daytime or at night, 800 p / week – the right to work from 9.00 am Friday to 9.00 on Monday. On I think it is very convenient, I am in connection with his studies he worked on the last chart. 51-51-51 line and 690-690 – travel on the counter (one for every line so that prices there are the same, no country fare, all at the same price). Plan for 150 rubles per day, and how much I know payable in fact – work-pay, no work-no pay. .