This grant has enabled the first phase of the new project will develop both. The delivery took place in the beautiful setting of "Les Comes", Manresa. The project, developed by the Foundation AMV Nani Roma and Hispania, is the result of extensive work carried out with great enthusiasm. Details can be found by clicking Costco or emailing the administrator. Mauritania Project, has but one purpose, to mitigate the devastating effects of poverty in the most deprived persons in the African zone, focusing especially on people with disabilities. In Mauritania, the disabled person lacks any social support, professional, and economical. a>. The lack of infrastructure and projects active compounds, even more, the precariousness and lack of social projection of the disabled. The personal connection of the first Spanish winner of the Dakar rally, with the African continent, has never faded. On the contrary, his experience and knowledge of the area, driven by the invaluable help and enthusiasm of AMV Hispania, make the birth of the new joint project become a reality.

A few weeks ago a delegation from the Foundation Nani Roma – AMV, made up of four of its members were moved to the Mauritanian capital, Nouakchott, to advance study of the current situation in the area. This first analysis was the prelude to the activation of the first phase of the project. After checking on-site needs, and gaps in the various fields of the project, estimated the physical inventory of equipment and necessary action. Throughout the first insight, the different members of the delegation of the project, led by Rosa Romero (Nani Roma Foundation – AMV), met with national associations such as: FEMANPH (Mauritanian Federation of National Associations of disabled persons) The CNORF (National Center of Orthopedics and Rehabilitation Functional Mauritania), the FEMHANDIS (Mauritanian Federation of Sports for the disabled), and various hospitals, such as the National Hospital in Nouakchott.