With Rene Preusser Reilinger BI and CPM provider fetches a recognised SAP experts on board since 1.1.2010 (36) Rene Preusser is responsible of STAS GmbH in Reilingen for BI and CPM projects in the SAP environment. (FH) Dipl. mathematician experience already during his studies in software development and created a management information system for production in 1998 with his thesis the Georg Fischer Group (Macmillan) in Munich. At Atos Origin worked for automotive, as key account manager and team and Chief project manager in the field of ERP systems before he moved in 2004 to the SAP systems integrator (VAR) cogimo GmbH. There, he built up the business area business intelligence Managing Director and was responsible for large BI projects itself as a project manager.

By the way, he gave lectures on the topic of business intelligence at the European School of business in Reutlingen. Since 2004, STAS and cogimo numerous joint projects conducted with Rene Preusser increasingly and almost exclusively with business intelligence projects in the Worked on SAP environment. That was ultimately decisive for his move to the STAS, where he continued as a partner to the side of cogimo GmbH. STAS makes only BI projects and this cross-industry and product-independent, that was just very interested\”, Rene Preusser takes its decision on the point. In addition, you wants to expand its SAP business now even further at STAS and is really optimally positioned with STAS CONTROL. BI-glands, that are productive in a few days, other vendors in the SAP environment can only dream of.\” Uwe Schulze, CEO of STAS GmbH, is very pleased about the grown know-how of STAS family: with Rene Preusser to have a so experienced colleagues to join our team, is excellent. He not only has outstanding technical and technological expertise, he brings experience in key account management and presales, which will help us in the development of this area.\” Was due to the deep experience with SAP the STAS GmbH a development partnership with cogimo a in the interface for the integration of SAP to the data warehouse of STAS CONTROL Shirin MD.