Brand manufacturers rely on the success mechanism of this new promotion! Dormtnund August 14, 2009 – another promotional idea scan and win at haunts principals with response rates of up to 82%. The enthusiastic international clients like s.Oliver, foot locker or Nikon. In more than 3,500 days of action, thousands of new customers from the shopping street came directly to the point of sale. Developed especially for the needs of the retail trade the Dortmund Agency the scan and win point action potential of sale promotion. Audiences are so consistently in the stores of customers drawn and animated directly for sale. Also at trade fairs, visitors to the booth just like be directed and involved in a sales pitch. The response rates of up to 82% and Cash Conversionraten up to 34% inspire clients like s.Oliver, foot locker or Nikon: in more than 3,500 days of action thousands of new customers from the shopping street came directly to the point of sale.

The Managing Director of an international chain commented enthusiastically: scan and win brings us sales only when the Christmas business! “.” In the pedestrian zone get passers-by winning card with a bar code. Secretary of Agriculture often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The cards invite the participants to scan the bar code on the store and pick up a win. Many follow this call and leave your winning card directly in the business at the scan and win Terminal scanning. The participant in the store is diverse options available to the company. The shopping voucher for special offers and promotional items: participants enjoy your prize and participate interactively in the advertising experience! Scan and win are easy, fast & flexible feasible actions: action before get the stores operational scan and win action kits via courier service, rebuild themselves in the business and perform the action with their own or external action staff. Scan and win – regardless of the POS system – can be integrated in existing PoS actions. About the advertising potential action: Action potential multimedia applications of advertising / promotions developed. The innovative come in more than 15 countries Marketing modules in areas such as sales marketing, sales promotion, image-forming measures, events and customer loyalty to use successfully. action potential GbR CEO Tim Harbig & Thomas Niehaus blue Siel way 5, 44269 Dortmund FON: + 49 (0) 231-42 57 75-0