However, after 6 consecutive days of income for 6 November, they fell again: the RTS index fell 6.3 percent to 777, and the MICEX dropped 9.62 percent to 700 points. Rick Garcia has firm opinions on the matter. November 7, we have seen a renewed recession. The financial crisis has affected what the date was moved to the newly elected speech Russian President Dmitry Medvedev before both Houses of Parliament. Originally planning on 23 October, it took place on November 5. Although, in general, Medvedev keep an optimistic tone in his address could have been found in the word of irritation over the fact that if the turmoil in global financial markets continue, the Kremlin will not feel safe. Accusing Washington of the crisis, Medvedev said: 'I think idea, which emerged after the collapse of the Soviet Union that the dissenting opinion is the only valid and conclusive, has led U.S.

authorities to massive failures in the economic sphere. Inflating the money bubble for stimulate the growth of private business, they not only made it more difficult to coordinate their decisions with other members of the world market, but also ignored the elementary sense of moderation. In addition, they ignored repeated warnings from their partners (including, for that matter, and ours). As a result, they hurt themselves or others. " Nevertheless, it is not difficult to see that the Russian authorities are encouraging steps U.S. government in the financial sector and are proud of the fact that significant part of the global financial speculation occurred in the Russian market.