We also promised to help Michael with day trips to Israel and we were able to view the website of Michael schedules, prices and directions of excursions. And even read information about renting a machine that lot it was important for us. In general, I want you all to warn of rental apartments in Israel, most importantly try to order the apartments of the month and a half before your arrival, as you will, rush and everything will be taken. Apartment is small, but demand a large and very economical for the family and in general for all. As for our trip, everything was wonderful, Michael as promised the way it did and even more gave us a cell phone, that was very convenient for us. Ordered and advised how best to take the tour. Suggest how and where to rent a car.

Parking lot next to the apartments, too, was. The apartment was spacious, clean, kitchen utensils everything is fine. Ocean course in Bat Yam clean beaches are clean well maintained, the weather is good. In general, we were very pleased with everything (even the mother-in-law, all of which creaked as non-oiled violin, videteli Give it a hotel) But she, too, was satisfied, and Thank God. Holidays in Israel was excellent, were at the Dead Sea, Jerusalem, traveled to Haifa, were in the Hamat Gader (crocodiles nursery and hot springs), went to Bethlehem, a beach holiday on the warm sand just excellent, were at Safari Ramat Gan, just cool kids were delighted. The city of Bat Yam, he is not particularly promoted in the tourism industry, tourists so little that pleases the eye and all for a beach holiday is, restaurants, discos, most importantly clean and Old Jaffa 20 minutes walk, and exotic.

I advise everyone to at least once to visit Israel. And leave with the thought promoted by Egypt, that can hit the road one day in Israel in a hurry. Take into Israel for at least a week rent. Tourism even in Israel, raised in a big way, believe me you will not be bored. When we were in Jerusalem, we met a group of fanatical pilgrims in Israel that they get up oh oh. Well, that's another story just for us, it was impressed. We will return to Israel on vacation be sure, but without the wife's mother and children. (: That would leave the coordinates of Michael's words because the wind does not throw checked people and keeps his word and promises. His website Mail Tel +972505999002 Skype – Mishalapid Yours Dmitri and Olga Samara