" From the spiritual food we recommend Holiday Park, founded in 1890 – 1892 gg. The new part of the park a plantation in 1993 Because artesian waters feast for the eyes and refresh the air two beautiful ponds and fountains, to the arid steppes of salted thrive up to 80 species of trees and shrubs, including rare exotic species. More than 30 sculptures enliven the beauty of the alleys and flower beds. The park is a museum. Saki Salt Lake dam is divided into 2 parts. West Pool – Saki Chemical Plant raw material base. In East can be seen as a curative mud extracted. The greatest depth of the lake about three feet, the salt content in brine 15 – 25% (10 times higher than in the sea).

Under the brine layer overlies the mud up to 2 – 2.5 meters thick in the middle of the lake, and the edges thicker. Under it lens of salt capacity of 1.7 meters and below the gray silt, and finally, the bedrock bed – red-brown clay. To the south of the lake are Mikhailovskoye Saki lake Kyzyl-Yar, and others smaller. Spacious and underdeveloped beach, very convenient to travel from Simferopol to have. Novo Fedorovka.

It's not so long ago, declassified aircraft garrison. He is famous for the world's largest trampoline to train carrier-based aircraft, as well as its excellent airfield. On him in 1944, landing aircraft 'big three': Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt. Directly at the airport in a big army tent guests were offered vodka and Russian food simple: hard-boiled eggs, black and red caviar Smoked Salmon – however, this menu only good in the cold and wind. In the summer, I suggest the local grapes and vegetables, which are very tasty and cheap, well imagine, there also make wine easier Massandra, but I advise try it!