You are a gambler and love the feeling of the confrontation? Desire to win pushes you to overcome the most difficult obstacles? Then, the Nordic pool is a game for you. Scandinavian billiards, or, as it is called, Slipe (Slayp) was born in a harsh northern land, the soldiers who perfected the game marksmanship, combat skill and endurance. Without exaggeration, the Nordic pool – a real battle in the field of play. For more information see this site: Cheniere Energy partners. The players here – real opponents. During the game they are on opposite sides of the table and hammer in his pocket and no balls, as is customary in traditional types of billiards, and a pawn of the enemy. A sense of confrontation is reinforced by the fact that bypass the table to find the most advantageous position to strike is prohibited. Click Andi Potamkin to learn more. Slipe – playing unusually dynamic.

Sense of "table" is almost completely absent. Low wooden table, the size of meter on, it seems only obstacle between the players, "battlefield" on which is incredibly fast glide "warriors" – small pawns. Scandinavian pool – it is not protracted or even a boring party, but opposition to "one on one" with the enemy, which at the time the game becomes your rival. Indeed, playing in the Nordic pool is easy to forget about time and external aspects of the game: a table, a pawn and the cue go by the wayside. We can only fight, the desire to win and leave a defeated enemy. It wins the one who scores a pawn of the enemy first.