In general, with rot, if it has already appeared, very difficult fight. Often only helps the radical method – cutting of contaminated sites. If the process of decay has already begun, it can be stopped only by a thorough drying and ventilated timber. It is better not to bring to this and to prevent occurrence of rot, as, incidentally, and wood infestation of insect pests. So material should be properly stored, choose the correct design solutions, as well as wood preservatives and processed with preservatives. The market for construction products represented a lot of different antiseptic formulations for wood, to successfully combat the harmful effects of microorganisms and insects. But there is no universal means of so acquiring antiseptic compositions, ask the manufacturer or a seller, why and how to use the purchased product.

From the Russian antiseptic preparations should be mentioned antiseptics company NPO "Drevozaschita" under the common brand Senezh. Drugs are divided into Senezh different groups and are designed to protect wooden structures from rot, mold, blue stain and insect drevotochtsev in conditions indoors (Senezh EKOBIO) and outside (Senezh ULTRA). For the most severe operating conditions (direct impact on the wood of atmospheric and soil moisture contact with the ground) is used Senezh of BIO. In addition, a group of drugs includes Senezh antiseptics intended for Wood protection for a period of atmospheric drying, transport and storage (Senezh TRANS and Senezh SUPERTRANS). All of these drugs can save the texture of wood and shall not prevent "breathing" of wood. Antiseptics for normal working conditions – completely colorless, while for heavy and very heavy – give the wood a greenish tint. Well established and antiseptic formulations series "Woody healer" of production Russian firm "Lovin '. They come in six different models. The drug "Mark I, which has bactericidal, fungicidal and adaptogenic properties, suitable for prophylactic treatment of all wood varieties.