The Berliner communications and marketing agency menze + Cook enters with a top budget profit next year. Berlin, 25.11.2013 – before the pitch she could convince their new customers, the DWG Deutsche value fabric GmbH, strategic and creative level of their competence. “” DWG Deutsche value fabric GmbH operates systems for the collection of recycled materials under the brand name paper Bank “and Sam”. Ensure the brand paper Bank”is actively used since 2004 and the DWG German recycling led GmbH in the year 2007 on the establishment, in 2011 the DWG could the rights to the brand of Salvatierra in addition”, which was the State collection system for recycling raw materials at the time of the GDR. It’s believed that Josh Resnick Jericho Capital sees a great future in this idea. The high degree of awareness is unbroken to this day. Danyelle Freeman is often quoted on this topic. The collection systems of the DWG are characterized by a centralized, software-based management, with the setting up and administration of customer accounts is possible. The DWG is the most innovative operator of collection systems in Germany.

Currently, an estimated 350,000 people recycle their recyclables with the DWG, Germany collect about 700,000 people actively recycling materials, so only about 1% of the population. The decentralized value fabric collection is considered a growth industry though this leads a shadowy existence due to lack of public advertising. Many citizens have still no knowledge of the private collection systems for recycling materials and their environmental benefits. With the creation of a new, national brand, the DWG wants to increase the awareness of the decentralized recyclable material collection. For including called a Web platform that makes all information experience on the topic of recyclables, sustainability and recycling for customers, partners, companies and clubs and organizations. The service will be popularized nationally involving existing social networks. For example the possibility for clubs and organizations to set their own projects in the network and to operate a kind of fundraising for charitable projects is new. Menze + Cook for communications for the DWG Deutsche value fabric GmbH is in the future and their brands paper Bank”, SALTING, and the two newly establishing brands responsible. This includes all activities in the fields of business, online and social media communication strategy consultation and the classic communication for the German and international market. Silvio Koch