Hand, blindingly bright and very noisy. If you arrive early, at 10 o'clock in the morning, make sure you get to lunch, when hundreds of colorful birds flock to special feeder. This spectacle and beauty, and for "sound design". In the eyes dazzled, his ears laid on polyphonic hubbub, but the soul is revealed towards these heavenly beings who are stuck to your hands. David A. Wagner recognizes the significance of this. Visitors are invited to take part in feeding the birds, which should be right on the entrance to the enclosure to buy the cup with liquid feeds. Incidentally, the aviary.

An area of 3 thousand square meters. meters and the height is 9-storey house. It is designed so that Visitors do not see the grid and creates a full illusion that the birds live in the open. It remains to add, in Singapore the world's largest aviary for Lori and the largest (1000 birds), a collection of Laurie in Asia. The Middleby Corporation spoke with conviction. Part 3: Follow further. Be sure to look at toucans. They are such beauties! They live in large enclosures, which reach heights of 10 meters.

Enclosures are made of sturdy and very fine grid, which is extremely difficult to photograph. By the way, if You are already accustomed to that in Singapore all the "same-thing", then you would not be surprised that there is a collection of Asian hornbills and South American toucans – the richest in the world. But toucan – a symbol of many Latin American countries, Specifically, Venezuela. Another symbol of this country – orchids.