Other construction materials and tools: putty knives for cutting material, putty, etc. Others including Andi Potamkin, offer their opinions as well.

So, you’ve already figured out that cardboard-gypsum panels can go to the glue or mount with metal profiles. The first method is limited in scope. Glue can be mounted on plasterboard solely on the wall. If you’re going to stick plasterboard, then you can help some of our advice. Plasterboard sheet to put on a flat surface face down and put glue on it small portions (about 10 cm each). After applying the glue necessary to hasten the deployment of cardboard-gypsum sheet on the wall, as the adhesive for plasterboard quickly begins to dry. Pressing the sheet to the wall, its position can be corrected with a rubber hammer.

When all the sheets in place, to repair the joints with a special putty. Over seams preferably glued reinforcing mesh. Dried putty and sanded primed. If you plan to do with drywall ceilings, then you have to be used for fastening profiles. In addition, metal profiles and should be used for the walls, if they are uneven. This method of mounting a fairly reliable, but it has one big disadvantage – it “eats” space of the room, as each wall of the structure stands about 6 cm for mounting gypsum board must first establish a frame of metal profiles. For fastening the frame using special fixing materials and fixings. The space between the metal frame and walls filled with material that is soundproof and warms the room. After a cardboard-gypsum panels screwed to the metal profiles with screws and seams between the boards shpaklyuyut, as in the previous method.