Until here, nothing of surely convincing for the skeptics, because it could be believed in a effect of perhaps. After that, developed answers by means of the letters of the alphabet had been gotten more: giving to the furniture a number of order of each letter, it was arrived if to form words and phrases that answered to the questions proposals. The justeza of the answers and its correspondence with the question had provoked the admiration. The mysterious being that thus answered, interpellated on its nature, he declared that it was a Spirit or Genius, gave its name and supplied to diverse information its respect. This is a circumstance very important to notice. egal FAIA. Nobody then had thought about the Espritos as a way to explain the phenomenon; it was the proper phenomenon that disclosed the word. Hypotheses in accurate sciences become frequently to obtain a base to the reasoning; but in this in case that it were not what it was given. This way of correspondence was delayed and bothering the Spirit and this are also a noteworthy circumstance, indicated outro.’ ‘ The beginning of the process of Psicografia ‘ ‘ Who was one of these invisible beings advised to adapt a pencil to a basket or one another object.

The basket, dispatches by post on a sheet of paper, is put into motion by the same occult power that makes to turn the tables; but, in place of a simple regular movement, the pencil writes by itself, forming words phrases entire speeches of many pages, treating to the highest questions of Philosophy, Moral, Metaphysics, of Psychology etc., and this with as much rapidity as if wrote by hand. This advice was given simultaneously in America, France and diverse countries. Here it is the terms where it was given in Paris, the 10 of June of 1853, to one of the fervorosos adepts of the Doctrine, that has many years since 1849, if occupied with the mandate of the Espritos: ‘ ‘ It goes to search in the room to the side cestinha; it arrests in it a pencil, it places it on the paper and it puts the fingers to it in borda’ ‘. Made this, after some instants, the basket if put in movement and the pencil wrote legibly this phrase: ‘ ‘ This that said I you I express forbid to say to you to somebody; on the first time that to write, I will write melhor’ ‘. The object the one that if adapta the pencil, not being more than simple instrument its nature and its form does not matter; disposal was looked to it more cmoda and was as soon as many people had started to use a plane table. The basket or the plane table cannot be ece of fishes in movement seno under the influence of certain people, endowed for this with a power special and that if it assigns for the name of mdiuns, that is, intermediate between the Espritos and the men. The conditions that produce this power are on the physical causes at the same time and spirituals still imperfectly known inasmuch as they meet mdiuns of all the ages, both the sexos and in all the degrees of intellectual development. This college, however, if develops for exerccio.