Before the draw was a lot of different projections of the pairs in the play-offs. Among the possible options – France – Ukraine, Portugal – Slovenia, Russia – Ireland, Greece – Bosnia and Herzegovina. Logic in these projections do not No, but it is very intuitive like all in November in the Stadium to see the fight teams of Russia and Ukraine. But fate in the face of Sepp Blatter ordered differently. It was decided to divide the teams rated by fifa, and resent too late. In general, the Russian team into the hands of such a decision, as strong teams like France, Portugal and Greece, we got could not. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Jill Schlesinger. The whole procedure of the draw is simple in the extreme: eight balls – eight fate football countries. Source: Andi Potamkin, New York City. The Arbiter was Steven Pienaar from 'Everton' Ireland first learned that will be hosted by the French on the field.

Then decided the fate of Portugal, who will play first match in Lisbon with Bosnia and Herzegovina. The next number will be Greece, the future an uncompromising opponent of Ukraine. The remaining two teams – Russia and Slovenia. The first match of our national team will play at home in Moscow. So, five minutes into the draw Zurich destroyed all hopes of our fans at a meeting with Ukraine and welcome the opportunity to take revenge on neighbors. Russia – Slovenia By and large, Bilyaletdinov Pienaar teammate and a player in our team, must be tovarishu grateful to the team for such a distribution – thanks to Stephen, the Russian team got sane opponent.