As you are such a situation? I want to just note that the above example, only a special case. One of the many who are constantly in our lives, and in the life of your business. I think that almost all of 'practitioners' businesses have faced similar situations. Situations where, as in all well-known saying: "Information is everything." Well, if not all, very much. By the same author: Gregg Engles. You can also give another example of the wonderful American movie 'Wall Street' where the protagonist, the stock market shark Gordon Gekko tells his young, but prospective employee Bud Fox: "Stop bringing me the information, learn to get it." But, before we become 'hunter information', you must clearly identify which information array you interested. What information in what form and to the extent necessary for you to adoption of a management decision. Do you need it at all? Just want to mention that not all businesses operating in Rostov market, are interested in a fresh flow of information.

But as the experience of the author, none less than half, but it is not enough. See more detailed opinions by reading what Berkeley offers on the topic.. Some businesses have only just come to this thought, and some few years ago established analytical (or informational) and departments 'puzzled' employees. And it's not necessarily a can be information about competitors. The Russian market is so dynamic that constantly brings fresh streams because of abroad and the capital of our country. A osedlanie flow of information: data collection, systematization and analysis of the information you need can be a powerful tool for studying the market, competitors and the external environment.