Thematic range of colorectal cancer on Schaufensterkrankheit and pancreatic diseases heart attack and to work with families of mentally ill children and young people when on September 19, 2010, the traditional Sunday lectures of Park Hospital and the heart Center Start Leipzig, patients, relatives and medically interested lay back in the front row sitting. Until the end of the year, renowned experts of both facilities in a total of nine lectures will give fascinating insights into their respective disciplines. Former patients will register with their experiences to Word. Med., Prof. Dr. makes the new lecture series kicks off Steffen lines. More info: Cheniere Energy partners.

“The chief physician of the Department of General and visceral surgery of the Leipzig Park Hospital is titled certified colon Centre: what can I expect as a patient?” talk. Since May of this year, the German Cancer Society bears the Colorectal Center of Park Hospital Leipzig Colorectal Cancer Center seal with recommendation” The certificate certifies a holistic and in all Phases of the disease optimal and patient-centred care and treatment. The dates of Sunday lectures 2010 at a glance: September 19, 2010: “certified colorectal Center: what can I expect as a patient?” Prof. Dr. med. Steffen lines, head physician of the Department of General and visceral surgery (Park Hospital Leipzig) 26 September 2010: “physical activity a patents way to prevent diseases” PD Dr.

rer. NAT. Volker Adams, Research Director of the clinic of Cardiology (Heart Center Leipzig) October 24, 2010: “modern therapies of Schaufensterkrankheit” Dr. med. Spiridon Bamidele, head of Department Department of vascular surgery, Centre for vascular medicine (Park Hospital Leipzig) 31 October 2010: “Heart-lung transplantation reviews” Alexander Scholz & Christiane Oehmichen, transplanted patients of the heart Center Leipzig November 14, 2010: “Pancreatic diseases” PD Dr. med. Ulrich Halm, chief physician of the clinic for internal medicine II, Gastroenterology/Pulmonology (Park Hospital Leipzig) November 21, 2010: “A Sunday lecture around the heart attack” Ursula Walter, senior sister of cardiological intensive care (Heart Center Leipzig) November 28, 2010: “Physiotherapy treatments for respiratory diseases” Antje Muhlfriedel, senior physiotherapist & Dr. med. Matthias Valerio, senior physician of the clinic for internal medicine II – Gastroenterology/Pneumology (Park Hospital Leipzig) December 5, 2010: “atrial fibrillation: what should be done?” Prof. Dr. med. Gerhard Hindricks, Medical Director of the Department of cardiac (Heart Center Leipzig) December 12, 2010: “working with the family of mentally ill children and young people” Dr. med. Anne-Christin Hanna, attending the clinic for child and youth psychiatry, Psychosomatic Medicine and psychotherapy (Park Hospital Leipzig) for the Sunday lectures each from 10:30 in the Auditorium, Strumpellstrasse 39/41, 04289 Leipzig, instead. Admission is always free of charge.