Why then was a lot of women of retirement age who had, in gentlemanly, to give 'sitting' position. So I had to wait for the result stood. INTERVIEW result was not immediate. Once was interviewed in a room N'2. Sweet-looking, dark-haired lady, 35-37 years on interview me just 'tearing'! It was a shame. This lady, and so I take away! Although it would be softer because For me it was obvious that she looks great, and I noticed it! But, nevertheless, in a conversation I just tried it 'Knock out'.

I think the reason for such 'assertiveness' was my prospective short visit to Toronto to study English, but it is only a month. Perhaps the reason was another thing I do not know. Under these circumstances, I have a 'letter of motivation "that the English, I almost do not know, because already with a rate of new high school just forgot it was not clear why only flying for a month, not three, if I need the knowledge of the language, which she flatly suggested over the last month I did not get it. Here is an example of dialogue. Key phrases are what I remember them. Although at the time the brain does not work on the perception of information, and to serve. There were other 'neutral' questions, to be obtained from responses to prepare a new question. Neutrals do not bring as they are hard to remember, and has already passed a few days.

But the general point is visible in key areas. Dialogue was as follows – SHE: (confidently and firmly looking in his eyes), your goal of language learning? – Me: (confidently) I need a language for the development of tourism in the Crimea because Tarkhankut coast to our becoming interested foreigners, and English is just 'that' language to communicate. – IT: (Uncomprehending) Why do you fly only for a month? (And it is emphatically and categorically) You do not learn in such a short period of time language.