Part of the land of the lower layer of poor-quality left to fill the bottom. Ready to ditch spread out a thick (3 mm) with glass to protect the film from mechanical damage. You can also use the old green house film, placing it in 2-3 layers, or roofing material, heating it with a blowtorch, so tightly fits to the "walls of the pit. Under most conditions Michael Steinhardt would agree. Pave ditch film better in warm, sunny day, then it becomes soft and well repeat his relief. I used a black polyethylene film thickness of 200 microns, in two layers. Since the pit is bowl-shaped, folded, turned out a bit.

Packed and straightened the film around the perimeter sprinkled on the edges while the ground and pressed flat stones. Cruising along the edge of the film must be at least 40 cm next stage – a device the bottom. To do this, use of marginal clay soils. It poured a layer of 20 cm, carefully leveling and compacting. She poured over the washed river sand and a large river pebbles (layer 3 cm). Can not be used to decorate the bottom of the quarry stone: it looks unnatural in the water, and in addition, their sharp edges can damage the film.

After the device can fill the bottom of the pond water. That the jet of water is not washed away the bottom, sent her into a flower vase, standing on the bottom. Initially, the pond filled to 1 / 3 of the depth and left for 3 days to claim. At this Construction of the over, although there is still a desire to add a fountain with his own hands. All work was carried out in two days. When the water settled down and warmed, started planting. Aquatic plants planted in a better plastic containers, then behind them are easy to maintain. But in a small 40-60 cm depth) reservoir containers with plants is difficult to disguise.