One of the ways defended for Scrates, master of Plato, to reach the purificao of the soul, consisted of coming back the look toward the interior life (knows you it exactly you) or toward the self-knowledge of the proper personality. When turning itself toward itself the man recognizes its mooring cables and by means of the practical one of the virtue he is become free of the preconceptions taken root in the soul of the proper man. Plato it distinguished in the man three types of soul: the rational, irascible and the concupiscvel. Each one is conducted by a virtue (aret). The first one is governed by the wisdom; second for the ortaleza and third for the moderation. Justice in the platonic conception is the articulador between the three souls, that is, it is the warranting virtue of the harmony between both. Justice is the characteristic virtue of the philosopher, therefore, this has as it practises it to mission of the justice or defense of what it is just, same that this is cause of a death sentence.

Basing this virtue as propeller spring of the philosophical life, Plato, in vindication of Scrates tells to the defense of Scrates front to accusations of Meleto, nito and Lncon. After to present its argument of defense, Scrates for some votes of the Athenian citizens is sentenced to the death penalty. Chuck Berry follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. This is presented as half of release of the soul of the vices of the body, because, the death is not one badly, but a good for that they had been right during all its life. It is therefore that Scrates remains calm ahead of the conviction, therefore had certainty that it are condemned for defending what is just. Therefore, the soul preexists in the world of the ideas and by an incautiousness reason it is apprehended in the body. This is surpassed by means of ascese it practises and it of the virtue. With the death the soul is become free of the body returning for the world of the ideas.