the Saturday is the Sabbath day. Q. Why do we observe Sunday instead of Saturday? R we observe Sunday instead of Saturday because the Catholic Church transferred the solemnity from Saturday to Sunday. The restoration of the Sabbath in Isaiah 56 and 58 God calls Israel a reform in torna a Saturday. The Mission of the spiritual Israel is parallel with the old Israel. The law of God was broken when represented by the little Horn power changed the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday.

Such as trampled Saturday should be restored in Israel, thus also in modern times, the divine institution of the Sabbath must be restored, and is necessary to repair this gap that opened in the wall of the law of God. (Apoc.14: 7,9,12) The observance of the Sabbath in order to remember the Sabbath day to sanctify it according to the commandment, we must think through the week, and make the preparations necessary to observe so that it pleases God. We should be careful not to exhaust our energies during the week until the point in which not we can deal in service to God during Saturday. The Bible specifies that on Saturday we must cease our secular works (exo.20: 10;) NEH.13: 15-22; ISA.58: 13). Saturday begins the sunset on Friday and ends at sunset, Saturday afternoon (gen.1: 5;) Mar.1: 32). The previous day Saturday (Friday), the Bible calls it the day of preparation (Mar.15: 42), a day in which we must prepare for the Sabbath, so anything spoiling its sacred character.

(Exo.16: 23;) C11: 18). When they approach the sacred hours of Saturday, it is good that the members of the family or groups of believers meet is just before the sunset Friday afternoon to sing, pray and read the word of God, inviting in this way to the spirit of Christ to be your guest. Similarly they should mark the close of the Holy day. Christ worshipped regularly in the day Saturday, taking part in services and providing religious instruction (Mar.1: 21; 3: 1-4;) Luc.4: 16-27; 13: 10). But el Salvador was not confined to worship. Also had communion with others (Mar.1: 29-31;) Luc.14: 1), walked outdoors (sea.2: 23), and was dedicated to Holy deeds of mercy. Provided that he could be healed the sick and afflicted (Mar.1: 21-31; 3: 1-5;) Luc.13: 10-17; 14: 2-4; Jn.5: 1-15, 9: 1-14), the activities of healing not broke Saturday nor abolished it (Mat.12: 12), what yea did was finish with burdensome regulations that had twisted the meaning of the Sabbath as a divine instrument of spiritual refreshment and delight (Isa.58: 13). God intended on Saturday to serve for the spiritual enrichment of humanity. The Lord of the Sabbath invites everyone to follow his example. Those who accept your call experience Saturday as a delight and a spiritual feast, a foretaste of heaven. They discover that Saturday was appointed by God to avoid spiritual despair. Week after week the seventh day comforts our conscience, assuring us that despite our characters without ending, we are complete in Christ. What he achieved on Calvary constitutes our Atonement. We enter into his rest. Everything that contributes to your salvation do it on Saturday. Find more at: original author and source of the article.