History is another one, if so the discipline that is involved is something high-priority in its life and occupies certain energy level, many people do not understand the depth of these concepts, in fact everything what we created is pleased with energy, is like a budget, supposes that you have $2.000 and wants to buy an article of $1.500, if it spends $200, $300 and $350, will occur to account of that has spent $850 and now only it has $1.150 and it cannot buy the article of $1500. With the energy it happens the same, we imagine that we occupied certain energy level to acquire a closing of a negotiation of export of head of cattle meat, but began to read negative information and negative programs in the morning, already we lost certain amount, when saying to lose, I talk about to that the energy has been used in another one thing, which is not our objective, soon we have an heated discussion on political subjects in which we lose little another of energy, of we spoke there of the problems of the neighbors, after the economy of the country, etc. Finally we began to review the papers and the conditions of the negotiation, we go away to the meeting and is possible that we do not obtain the results that we wished Why? Simply because we wasted energy in other directions outside our objective and it has happened to us just as in the case of the article of $1.500, we spent the money in other things perhaps and in the end we did not achieve the objective, the energy cannot be moderate in tangible form as the case of the money, but the form to know if we are using the energy correctly is through the results, if we noticed advances in our project means that we are using it well to the energy, if on the contrary we do not see any advance and we noticed backward movements means that we must improve the use of the energy, also is to remember that the results do not have to be immediate, that is to say because today we think about a great mansion, it does not mean that tomorrow we will have or it, the mental programming has been some time, but a significant fact is that energy enters the more and attention we use to our goal, this will be pronounced in fast form, but also an interchange is necessary, in the case of the mansion to obtain it we we will give something, or or a service. A clear example of energy concentration is the monasteries, which have the objective to avoid distractions, that is energy losses with respect to the objective to obtain the espiritualidad, for that reason I recommend to him I use his energy according to his goals and desires, you can obtain everything what wants..