Since some time ago, I have been reading and thinking about the fact that ideas are the start of any reality. All inventions, discoveries and advances that humankind has experienced throughout its history, before anything was an idea in someone’s head. It is true that an idea that is not followed by a series of attitudes and concrete achievements may be only an idea that does not transform anything, but it is no less true that the transformation that comes from projects and concrete actions, always has his birth in ideas. It is very important to give them the value they have and realize the creative potential that we have. Creativity is intuition, design and creative action. That of which we are made in the image and likeness of God can mean much more than what we imagine. All have imagination, ability to devise, creativity: are creators in greater or lesser extent. I propose an exercise: think of something that you would like to change or improve.

Let your imagination fly. Think big. It creates something new with your mind. Write it, draw it, design it. Imagine how could be and what steps should be given to bring closer to reality this ideal situation.

Has gone out something interesting? Sure that there will be at least been fun. We are unaccustomed (we get all y salvese quien can) to face than usual with the force that gives the yearning for the extraordinary. Today, as always, is urgent that brave willing to think about new, stimulants and constructive ideas that push us towards a world better inhabited by happier people. How would our lives if not ideologues creatives had existed in the past! Original author and source of the article.