It inhabits that moment, it leaves thoughts happen them, you do not take root them, djalos to enter and to leave. Many ways exist to meditate: it finds the position, or seated in a chair, the floor or laid down. It discovers the moment of the day that more invites you to meditation: early in the morning, before sleeping, in the traffic, before the meeting in the office; as you practice, you yourself you will know when. The benefits of the meditation are many. I am going to you to enumerate some: – As you meditate, your thoughts and your emotions leave of dominarte, because although you can continue feeling pain, rages or sadness, these emotions stay at a distance, you feel peace and inner tranquillity. – To meditate gives more conscience you on the processes of the thought.

This means that the thoughts cannot dominate your mind; you are conscious of your thoughts but you are not tied them. The negative thoughts do not trouble to you or they affect so much to you. – The meditation is to allow, to let itself go, a resignation to the physical and mental tension. When you meditate, you enter syntony with your body, to the point to feel the tension and to relax it. – The meditation develops the creativity; we become more sensible towards the others and that wide-awake experience the creative flows. You feel more inspired by the nature and what it surrounds to you. – The meditation is beneficial for the health: it diminishes the arterial tension, the heart rate and the levels of stress.

These benefits do not happen only during the practice, but they extend to the daily life. Generally, the people who meditate are less prone to the anxiety and the negative emotions; they confront the challenges and problems of the life with more tranquillity. She begins to make small changes in your life. She abre the doors to the meditation, I guarantee to you that you will begin to see the life of another way.