The majority of people cannot gain life what they want, such as to get a good husband, a good job, or being afraid to lose what you have what is the reason?, why when I search for my happiness, or stability do not get it?! do I want to achieve, I want to get, I want to get but not is how to get it?! SECRECY tells us: that we can have everything we’ve always dreamed of and that by applying the law of attraction can transform our lives comvirtiendola in successful there that understand that we can get what we want but we are limits, leave everything then, hope that success comes at any time. Everything is in the mind of every one of us what we have to do is think and work for it. All human beings have arguments of life which consists in a plan that directs the conduct of each of us since we are born and mark us comvirtiendose an important part of our lives. All has happened that when kids our parents we decian: studied well primary school, studied well It secondary it, studied the University well. You graduating with honors and your parents, grandparents, uncles say buscate fixed and safe, work as consegues with a good salary, acquire a credit card, you marry you have children, you buy a House, a car, you have educational expenses, public services, medical services, and this what we apply to our own children and be comvierte in a vicious circle.This is normal but we wonder where is all that we gain?.Are until take us where situation?When I will be able at the end of month enjoy my earned income?. We cannot allow that our revenues are established by another person or as said to be subject to the will of the boss. We must learn to be masters of our own lives.