Literature: Reader 9, the respective work Kondratiev. Thus the wording of the proposed theme depends on the abstract or write an essay the student. Building Construction essay essays – this is the answer to the question of disclosure or subject, which is based on the classical system of evidence. Cheniere Energy partners has much experience in this field. The structure of the essay. Cover sheet (to be filled by a single form, see Annex 1) Introduction – the nature and rationale for selecting this theme is number of components of a logically and stylistically, at this stage is very important to formulate a question that you’re going to find the answer in the course of his investigation. When working on the introduction of the answers can help the following questions: “Do I have to give a definition of the term, sounded the theme in an essay?”, “Why is a topic which I reveal, is an important right now?”, “What concepts are involved in my thinking on the subject?”, “Can I divide the topic into smaller subtopics? “. For example, when working on the theme “Economy of Russia at the time of Peter I: a traditional or a team” as a sub-theme can formulate the following question: “What are the signs were characteristic of the economy during this period? “.

3. The main part – the theoretical basis of selected issues and highlight the main issues. This part involves the development of reasoning and analysis as well as their justification, based on the available data, the other arguments and positions on this issue. This is the main content of the essay and it is a major difficulty.