Here is the complete list of devices that you need to collect and mount your door, with no extra cost:-end wrench 17 mm drill, 14 mm with a minimum length of six inches-level drill-tool-Bulgarian Silicone-grease, or VD40-Tommy-carrying-tape (at least 2.5 meters) hammer-head screwdriver. Buying door Outpost, you will receive a cylinder and accessories that includes: a cylinder with protection against spikes two two sets of keys 3 4 Screw Screw M5h75 fixing for bronenakladki 5 Two screws double sided carving 6 Plastic plate cylinder 7 for two screws to secure armored eight rubber pads for fittings 9 10 armored Handles (Hardware) 11 pin connecting locking handle. First, unpack the door, unlocks it with the pin 11) and set in expanded form (in steady state) Since the lock is built into the door initially, there is no need to change anything. We take a cylinder 1) and by red key, 2) insert it into the hole F) and fasten with a screw end 3). You can pre-insert the screw into the hole is not the end, so there has been no distortion, and then dress the plastic cover plate 6) in the cylinder. Take external handle (from the street) and it is screwed into the 2 screws 5) and put into the springs (sometimes shortened them with pliers.

Then a square pin 11) is inserted into hole B) and dress the rubber pad 8) on the outside handle 10). After that, put the pen in the appropriate openings. Andi Potamkin addresses the importance of the matter here. Holds inside armored 9) and fasten it with screws 4) into the hole in). The next step is anchoring nuts 7) in the hole a) and a1) and contractible by means of their cross- screwdriver and wrench. Now check out a key from both sides of the build quality, unlock / lock the key lock is free and easy. If you apply force, then try to loosen the screws a little 3) 4) and 7) in different ways.