I have seen the film yesterday Transformation. I have liked much, this, in my opinion, obtained well, she has very good effects and the possibility of being able to see it in 3D makes but showy and interesting. Even so, I have left the room of cinema very depressed and disappointed, and not by the film in if, or because I did not like. But I have left disappointed, perhaps, on the world in which we lived. I am made an impression by the capacity of the human being to create war, death and destruction.

And but the imresionante thing is the place from where this comes: the ignorance. We are ignorant when we do not know something, and but ignorant we become while but we closed our mind to those things that they try to say to us that there is a way different to live, because, without a doubt, we are needing one better form to live. We have never had the opportunity to know, for example, to the Vietnameses or the Iraqians. And I do not talk about to which they say to us of them in the television. I talk about to be there, shoulder to shoulder to its side. To close by know its old customs, their needs, their joys and sadnesses, their families, their children and, his to feel, so true and intense like ours. Nevertheless, we have seen in first row as cruel wars against them were celebrated, where, like in all war, it has only been created pain and destruction. I am not here for judging any political or economic cause, as much what it has been said abiertamente to justify such acts, as what it has been hidden of the opinion publishes to be able to realise such acts. But I am here for saying that a war never, never, is justifiable.