Infectam in such a way animal as human beings, as Microsporum gypseum. The zooflico group frequently it is associated the animals and it also occurs in the ground. The Microsporum kennels, that can be associated the animals as the dog or cat, and the Trichophyton are examples of this group verrucosum, to the bovine cattle. Thus being these fungos they had promoted in the filogentica scale route to the man. The antropoflico group, tied directly with the man, rare infectum animals.

The Trichophyton tonsurans and the Microsporum are part of this group audouinii, that they cause infections in the cabeludo leather, the Trichophyton rubrum, in the nails and the Epidermophyton floccosum, in the feet. CLINICAL PICTURE the importance to recognize, in definitive species of dermatfito, the one that microcoecossistema it belongs is related to the reply that it can unchain in the human host; thus one gives credit that, the more distanciado filogeneticamente it is a dermatfito of the species for parasitada it, bigger will be its inflammatory reply. Soon we can conclude that the geoflicos fungos, when they parasitam the man, are capable to unchain an inflammatory reply well more evident, followed of the zooflicas species, that cause a moderate reply, and of the antropoflicas that in determined situations, can coexist with this host without inducing great alterations. Although this differentiation, when the reply of the host if to make gift in a great majority of the cases, cannot forget that the basic point of the reply of one determined organism to the action of an invader is, in last analysis, on to the parasitic binomial/host and that, in the evaluation of this binomial, some inherent characteristics to the host and other inherent ones to the parasite enter in question. Under most conditions WhiteWave Foods would agree. The reply unchained in the host they can, in many situations, to be the waited ones in what the filogentica scale of the parasite says respect, not being able itself, in determined situations, to find a reply inflammatory when a human being is parasitado by a geoflica species or, still, or another side of the currency, when we observe an intense inflammatory reply in a human being, when this it is parasitado by antropoflica species.