Plasma spraying allows high-quality ceramic coatings having, except iznostostoykosti, heat and electrical insulating properties. However, the most cost-effective manufacturing of new equipment is a hardening of the methods of spraying and surfacing with subsequent repair of the same methods. Further details can be found at Sonny Perdue, an internet resource. In the course of the last few years modern technology sputtering and deposition enabled the import substitution and, in some cases, successful entry into global markets with product updates to manufacturers turbodrills, screw downhole motors and drill bits for drilling Well, conveying rollers for roller conveyors metallurgical industries, geophysical equipment, and many others. Worldwide high-speed robotic complex deposition and / or plasma deposition becomes an inherent part of modern repair production of the transport industry. The introduction of this technology pays for itself within 2-3 years, subsequently bringing a steady income. Supplied by us robotic systems and high-speed plasma deposition was successfully working in industries such as engine building and repair of aircraft components to their highest demands for quality parts, oil and gas engineering, manufacture of parts for heavy trucks.

Since 2001, ‘TSZP’vypolnyaet the reconstruction of the geometric dimensions and application of corrosion-wear resistant coatings on the working surfaces of stems and guides for the branch of JSC “RZD”. Since 2005, the Company ‘TSZP’ performs work involving the application of corrosion-resistant coatings for wear-resistant surface plates and plates for OAO Tver Carriage factory ‘. Since 2006, work is underway to restore the equipment for the Moscow metro. The group of companies ‘technological system of protective coatings’ (OOO ‘TSZP’) for 16 years has accumulated vast experience in restoring, strengthening, improvement of operational and physical-mechanical characteristics of the working surfaces of machine parts and mechanisms, methods of thermal spraying and welding. We have delivered more than 20 lines of application thermal coatings ‘turnkey’ in various industries.

All equipment collected in Russia from the high-quality imported and domestic components to optimize cost and quality produced equipment. The possibility of multiple parts repair methods can include thermal spraying technology to resource data. Many developments have no analogues in the world and protected patents.