Kalechi of you can go to the city center in several ways, and unlikely that you will find the same out a few times. And go to the city costs: street jewelry stores (prices are quite acceptable and lower than Lara or Kundu), a complex of restaurants of local cuisine, singing fountains, (very nice, beginning at 20-00 – for free), street Ishiklar – Boutiques, boutiques, bridal shops, very nice bars, a couple of parks with their fountains and sculptures, a number of museums, and the minaret Iivli. You can reach anywhere. Antalya – less popular. Antalya is the right area of the city center and the farthest from the airport, through which pass all the following buses in the region of Kemer … nothing special in Antalya no. Big band pebble beach separated from the city and the hotel part of the roadway.

Rest there mostly Germans, for fairly economical hotels, and provide a range of services "all inclusive", as opposed to hotels Kalechi. Along the beach is very nice looking promenade, with plenty of cafes, many of which are in the evening will offer live music – fun, interesting (many will be surprised that Tarkan and Sandals have nothing in common). It starts with area hotels Ozkaymak Falez, and ends at Porto Bello, who now say that Ozkaymak Falez is not in Antalya, yes, it is, but all of this very long continuous strip of beach I call Antalya Beach. As well as the Lara Beach in Lara has just begun, to a greater extent not already there). In general, this is my Antalya! Small caveat – if you're a lady, I do not advise to walk after the 9:00 one on the waterfront – can be taken as a priestess of love. What to do in Antalya itself? Be sure to walk in Satarov city (Kaleici), not necessarily but it's nice to go to the waterfall lower Duden (Lara), look and listen to the singing Fantan (Tourist Center, next to Kalechi at Republic Square), you can visit Migros hypermarket (congestion world brand clothing at very reasonable price) and there is next to jump in LUNAPARK, visit the water park, and really quite interesting to examine using Twitter Login Twitter song "Miniature Antalya" (all close to Migros, just get there by bus from which, among other obscure written on the label Migros).