In short … we believe that nothing can exist outside of a simple three-dimensional infinite space, all I could imagine has to be within the first three infinite dimensions. For us, spatial dimensions are determined by three straight infinite as coordinates that intersect each other perpendicularly at a point they have in common. For those who believe in more than three spatial dimensions the coordinates that determine its finite dimensions can be any line or plane, or any shape, any shape but finite, and that is serious and unforgivable error. The fourth dimension Another similar case is the consideration of Einstein and other scientists, while qualifying as the fourth dimension.

We believe that there was no reason to classify it as a spatial dimension, since it is a temporal dimension, a dimension that is different in nature. That problem would have for the theory of relativity to consider three spatial dimensions and one time dimension than the space. We believe the time is not absolute and linear observers, but observers analyze moving objects move at speeds impossible, in curved space and / or cyclic, time must be relative, even when that time is not considered fourth spatial dimension but simply a time dimension and different spatial. Space, time and the universe are as they are, whether there are observers or no matter how things appear to be for observers, especially when it comes to analysis of imaginary things is supposed to be able to move at speeds impossible, because something can move at speeds approaching that of light , that something has to be energy.