According to recent European research, Valencia (Spain) is the city with more noise pollution in Europe. Unfortunately, I have to corroborate it. The excessive indecent amount of noise that I was wondering if this was also part of some plan is so strong and constant. In fact, I received reply immediately. ied viewpoints. Ladies and gentlemen, the noise is constant and latent throughout the city, including places that are apparently the most silent of the urbe (parks and other natural environments), constantly bombarding our brain and our emotions has a rather counter-productive effect for our evolution and meditative m8809241. The important thing is to convey that this constant noise and without cesar(incluida la madrugada y a ser posible con mas follon deel necesario) plan is a plan ordered by someone. I know there are many of you that you think or you can think there is always a conspiracy behind everything that doesn’t work. And the truth is that you have reason.

THE THERE. And when despertais, the You can see and what you divertis aceptais, and best of all, with the plan of Gaia. The constant noise creates an imbalance in our alpha and other subtle bodies anchored to the physical body waves. The physical body has more than one dense body that feeds the musical vibration or electromagnetic waves from an external environment. If the external environment is chaotic in electromagnetic waves, bodies suffer a distortion of the universal energy and get lost in the so-called chaos becoming human beings offset, lost, fearful and very serviceable. Silence is basic to the development of the human being, and not only the inner, that is which leads to maintain a State-centered and balanced human beings, but it also needs to nurture an external silence continued to connect with your self and its intrinsic light nature. External silence is a food that humans should look as if it were urgent medicine for your soul and your evolution.