During the Middle Ages Bormio is a lot of prominent personalities, including Leonardo da Vinci. From that time on the resort left a lot of historical monuments. Ski resort of Bormio is in the 40-ies of XX century. In the future the main impetus for its development was the World Cup alpine skiing in 1985 were improved slopes, slopes, cable cars and ski lifts, construction of new hotels, restaurants and shops are open. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Air Force Chief of Staff . These innovations have allowed Bormio take its rightful place among the most prestigious alpine ski resorts and take the most discerning travelers. In January-February 2005 in Bormio hosted the World Cup in alpine skiing.

In this regard, have been upgraded lifts, a new elevator – a cable car, delivering skiers to Bormio 2000 (Bormio, 2000). Travel time – 7 minutes, capacity – 2800 people per hour. Adjacent to the lift has been built convenient underground parking. Cervinia – the highest mountain ski resort: the upper point of descent 3899 m above sea level. Here you can ski even in summer: the glaciers of snow all year round. Cervinia winter on the slopes can be much colder, but this offset by a good variety of slopes and guaranteed snow in early December.

Vertical Drop: 2050-3899 m Cervinia – the "high" Italian resort. The town is situated at an altitude of 2050 m, while the upper point of the ride – 3,488 m. Rarely, where Europe will go up on a lift above the clouds, then drive through them and ride just beneath them.