Acute shortage in the labor market reversal rate. According to experts Personnel Center "UNITY" in the early autumn of 2008 swept the market panic, and many companies have alleged widespread dismissal. Question optimization of human resources has galvanized all employers. The idea – get rid of ineffective employees voiced in almost every company. Top 10 most unclaimed professions as follows: 1. Managers check documents borrowers 2. experts on grant / registration of loans 3.

experts on securities 4. investment analysts; 5. specialists in real estate (sales agents), 6. Recruiters 7. Training Manager, Training Manager 8.

Development Managers (new projects) 9. Advertising Sales Managers, 10. PR-managers. Assessing the situation in general, experts Personnel Center "UNITY" note that the number of governing vacancies decreased by 30 – 40%, and proposals for mid-level decreased by only 5-10%. At the moment the first wave of cuts took place. Those companies, which knocked down the crisis, was fired up to 50% of staff remaining in the order of anti-crisis measures optimized state, leaving the key specialists. In the next two or three months on the personnel market is not expected to significant spikes. However, an unexpected twist in the development of the economic crisis may change the situation.