To date, creating a draft of any building or structure, the homeowner is trying to get really the right decision, appropriate to a particular practical use. All the same structural plan of a one of the most important aspects considered aspect of lighting. The better organized the natural lighting in the room, so a separate room is nice. In addition, opportunity to get rid of the artificial room lighting makes it possible to seriously save money, by reason of translucent dome and other such methods of making, providing an opportunity to use not only strictly vertical placed in the wall and related to the windows to enter the plane of illumination, and also the roof, are particularly popular today. Since one of the most important parameters that dictate the quality of the building, in addition to the decor, is its energy efficiency, then placing additional means of artificial lighting must be remembered that those on the insulation.

For this reason, the organization of various types of lanterns and the zenith conservatories often involve not the usual glazing and polycarbonate. This material has significantly higher strength, stronger than ordinary glass of two hundred and fifty times, the high resistance to change of weather parameters – from -40 to +120 degrees Celsius, and in addition to durability. At the same fiber optic polycarbonate no less than glass, and that with regard to insulation, the thick PMMA allows even in a situation to save our winter maximum heat. A heat shield particularly significant if the conversation is about the winter garden. Since all plants require not only adequate amount of lighting, as well as in a thoughtful and temperature conditions.

For mounting anti-aircraft-type canopy, individual window or door panels use different materials, including aluminum retains primacy profile. Durability and quality factor of the material provides an opportunity to apply it in action with those made of glass separate structures, glazed polimetilakrilatom and other kinds of materials, both in vertical and in anti-aircraft-type structures. Taking advantage of the form made of aluminum profile and the entrance – in order. Also made of aluminum construction has significantly degree of outdoor appeal. It should also take into account the low weight is directly produced from aluminum construction. This is an additional advantage, including aluminum – it does not press for the construction. Constructing a own home or office working greenhouse, all clever to choose the latest technology that is based on a lightweight aluminum and use efficient insulating material types. In this case, any desired stylistic solution of the interior can be embodied in the very best option.