Greetings from Alpha ship! We are witnessing very pleased all the events that are happening and a great joy overwhelms our hearts, because we know that the incorporation of this new channel for communications between us and you is going to be an invaluable aid. Why we are so happy with this new step that God has given to the achievement of his evolutionary Plan with its planet, which incidentally, is not yours, but that is all, but say so to understand us, to convey our thoughts and that they arrive in understandable way for most, it is necessary to us to transform them into words. In the future this will not be nece-sario, since transit of you towards the 5th Dimension will provide them with psychic powers who had not even dreamed, such as telepathy, i.e. the transmission of thought between two minds, or telekinesis, the power to move physical objects using his mental powers, among many other faculties that have asleep, but which remain latent in their minds. They will learn to use one much higher percentage of their psychic powers, since there will be shown, which give the step towards the 5th Dimen-sion, that your skills will not be used to do harm to any be vi-vo, but only to help and do good for others. Will also use them (psychic powers) as tools to carry out their respective tasks, as until now they used their traction or transport vehicles or their utensils of kitchen, Office, laboratory, workshop, etc. That is the ra-zon, dear mine, so that those powers not are employing them yet, because evolutionary level they have been until now, they had done a misuse of that power that we we naturally have. When demonstrate that they have no because no intention to harm any other living being, is the Kingdom that is, and we include in this group to his brothers younger animals, as well as trees and plants, until even the minerals, then their powers Psychic will be waking up and develop gradually, but in a short time.