Today I’m going to explain the secrets on the alpha males that few men know and that are key to conquer girls. Most men believe that what is important is physical appearance, the money you have, or the auto where anden. NOTHING is so important as you think and they are only excuses that we are, the most important thing is the attitude and for this you must learn the secrets behind the mentality of the Alfas males. The alpha male is the leader being the alpha male implies being the leader in the group in which you are. You must be fun, confident, somewhat arrogant, and have a good self-esteem. An easy way to do this is to see your friends as your younger sisters.

What would you do with them? Fun, joking with them, and do not take your comments seriously. Most women want to challenge a man to see if he is the alpha male, so they will try to see if you’re a submissive to them. For example, you might tell you something and invite me to a drink? The beta male and submissive immediately buys him a drink, which is wrong and so You will never manage to conquer any girl. On the other hand, if you want to be and act as the alpha male, you must understand that she loses, you’re not desperate for anyone. Act in a funny way and tell you really would do it but I just invite you to the beautiful girls, if she laughs or bother but still with you means that you’re doing it in the right tone. Seas never submissive women the Macho Alfa not jealous is one of the major problems faced by men are jealous by women. If you’re jealous with women, they will be has what you need your company and will be aware that they have the control.