"World Wide Web" is relatively new, but already huge, colorful world, fascinating us all more and more … But who creates these colors? Who rules the world? Those who are in everyday life, at first glance may seem no an outstanding individual in the world of web-a can be a real god because he is web-developer! It can be a designer, programmer, seo-specialist, each of them has tremendous power in this world. Designers create these same colors, programmers make them work, seo-specialist brings the resulting creation to the masses. Working in a team of creators and the engine is a web-progress. Therefore, many of them are united in the so-called studio. Fingers do not enough to try to count all the existing web-studio today.

Type in any search engine "site development" or "web design" will get millions of pages in response. Search for a decent team of professionals can take than one day, and not even a week. Of course, this is evidence that among this ocean studios "bred" a lot of low quality and unscrupulous actors can not hurt … How to choose exactly what we need? When choosing a design studio, pay attention to the following points: 1. Site designed by the studio. If the studio is not able to create an attractive design for themselves, it will not do it for you. 2.

Portfolio. As already mentioned, there highly individual, the determining factor is simple – half of the works selected studio you should come to mind. 3. Prices. If you order a site from the studio with a name with a capital letter, then be prepared to pay a pretty penny. But not rush to the other extreme – the lower the value, the more likely that your product is not quality. Look for a middle ground. 4. Time. Too short time – low quality. The extension of terms – the inconvenience and uncertainty. For example, site development, business cards should not exceed 10 days. 5. Pay attention to the contacts. The more information the more likely that your money will be worked out. 6. When a site is booked, try to keep the process under control. 7. After passing the web-project in operation, make sure its working condition before starting. 8. That you choose should provide free studio tech. support your project, not less than 3 months, or even the most minor changes can cost you half the cost of the entire site. Remember that the web-design should be the embodiment of beauty and harmony, and your site should not be an exception.